You will find the offices and spaces of myhive Flexi Offices inside the myhive Pankrác House building, which is located right on the Pražského povstání metro station, only 5 minutes away from the Muzeum metro station. It is also easily accessible from the D1 highway. You can park directly in myhive Pankrác House, where there are parking spaces for cars as well as bikes.

You can also park in the surrounding area, where there are plenty of mixed parking zones. The building includes a fitness room, a restaurant, a cafe, and space for holding events or conferences. There are several excellent restaurants in the vicinity, and office supplies and other essential things can be purchased in the Arkády Pankrác shopping mall.

Recommended restaurants and cafes nearby

  • myhive Flexi Offices
  • 1 Palatino Nominanza Pankrác (in the building)
  • 2 Palatino Café Guru (in the building)
  • 3 Fresherie Bistro
  • 4 Aureole
  • 5 Red Hook Mexican restaurant
  • 6 Harry’s Restaurant
  • 7 Beas Dhaba vegetarian restaurant
  • 8 Ta kavárna
  • 9 Gastronomia i Trulli
  • 10 Café 77
  • 11 Rest.
  • 12 Restaurace Podolka
  • 13 Bistro u Gogi
  • 14 Bystro Cafe
  • 15 Kavárna Čekárna
  • 16 Arrosto Ristorante
  • 17 Design corner shop
  • 18 Brambory
  • 19 Hamy's Kitchen

Where to go in the neighborhood

Vyšehrad is close to Pražského povstání, and from there you can walk to the center through the  Náplavka embankment. People who like to exercise will appreciate the proximity of the Podolí swimming pool and the enjoyable bike trail along the Vltava River that continues on through Žluté lázně all the way to Zbraslav. Žluté lázně is best visited in the summer: you can play beach volleyball, watch a movie, catch a concert, or just relax on the banks of the Vltava River.

There are tennis courts around the corner of Pankrác House. There is no need to travel far for some culture – the popular Divadlo na Fidlovačce theater is only a couple tram stops away. The Arkády Pankrác mall will take care of all of your shopping needs.